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Our Purpose

CCD was founded by a group of Cambodian volunteers in the Washington DC area in 2001 to promote Cambodian culture. CCD organizes and collaborates Cambodian cultural resources and presents them to the public through various events such as the Khmer New Year in April, the annual Cambodian Cultural Festival in the summer and the Asian Pacific Heritage Month in May. Our main focus includes (but is not limited) to:

  1. Promoting Cambodian culture in America, especially among youths;
  2. Supporting efforts to conserve history and culture;
  3. Educating the public about the rich Cambodian culture, heritage, custom, and tradition;
  4. Fostering coordination and cooperation with other groups with similar interests;
  5. Raising community awareness about Cambodia’s history and culture and the importance of preserving them; and
    Disseminating truthful information about the Cambodian culture and related researches in Cambodia and the USA.

What We Do

CCD provides some ad hoc services to the Khmer community, participates in fundraising activities for various charitable organizations, and foremost, celebrates the Cambodian culture through the annual Cambodian Cultural Festival. The festival is a token of solidarity in the Khmer communities surrounding the Washington DC Metro area. The festival has enabled us to develop bonds, bridge differences and heal rifts in the Khmer communities and beyond. It also provides a means to reach
out and share our values with others.

The festival, attended by several thousand spectators each year, is a showcase of Khmer traditional music, classical, folklore and social dances and shows, and children’s games, arts and crafts, exhibitions and much more. For example, in 2013, CCD organized a unique folklore show titled “Yeeke Mak Theung”. In 2014, we produced Lakhon Bassac, a Khmer opera play, a form of Khmer traditional entertainment that UNESCO deems is on its way to extinction.

Besides major productions, we also organize fashion shows to highlight Cambodian traditional clothing from thousands of years ago, participated by Cambodian youths. The shows were presented during Khmer New Year where more than 10,000 celebrants attended. The importance of the festival is to bring large groups of people in the community together to have fun and to share experiences. The festival also exposes Cambodian culture, tradition and values to young Cambodian American.

You Can Help

Cambodian Community Day is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent of the laws. We believe our mission is a noble cause. Please help us achieve our goal. Your online donation via PayPal is secured.

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CCD Trough Len - by Isaac D. Pacheco (click on picture)


VOA News Coverage - CCD 2012 (click on pictures)



Other News:



Voice of America/Khmer: Dr Chanthourn Thuy

A Khmer Archaeologist visited USA in July 2012 to  present his research finding about ancient iron smelter in Cambodia to Cambodian-American communities. One of his stop was Washington, DC Metro area. Click on picture to watch the VOA News coverage during his presentation in Annandale VA.


Voice of America Interviewed Ms Sophia Tep, CCD Vice-President


Click the picture to read and play the video.

Sam Relief  Dec 2012 Newsletter 

Sam Relief was very busy in early April of 2012 and has delivered another 10 tons of rice to Angkor Children Hospital at Siem Reap.

Women's Health Study:

Replica of Angkor Wat

We have bought a replica of Angkor Wat (picture shown above). It is a sculpture made out from stone, by a sculptor in Pursat province, Cambodia. It is 1.3 meter long, 1.1 meter wide and .35 meter high. It took more than 2 months to complete the sculpture. Click the picture to enlarge.

Phare Ponleu Selpak

Phare Ponleu Selpak (website: is a Cambodian association providing artistic activities to children and adults around the Battambang vicinity. The artistic fields are: performing arts (circus, theater, dancing, music), visual arts (cartoon animation, painting contemporary, illustration and graphic design) and social actions (governmental school pre-school through high school, child care center, and transitional youth house). Learn more ...

Indigenous People

Indigenous People

Ratanakiri Tribe

The traditional cloth making method and other crafts have been abandoned by indigenous people because of modern life style and industrial technology. CANDO Craft Center, just like CCD, like to preserve their culture and tradition. Please help support them by buying their product. 56% of sale proceed will go to the maker, meaning the indigenous people. They are the people who have a self-reliance life style. For more information, click this link:

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